Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love Surprises!

I was very surprised Friday at work when I found thsee in the office. I was not expecting them at all. Especially when we were going out of town to his parent's farm and not celebrating Valentine's Day until 2/20. Aren't the pretty?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Fifth Grade Poem

As most of you know, I teach special needs students at an elementary school. The fifth grade class wrote a poem in honor of a plane crash that occurred near our little town fifty years ago. Their teacher (she was my 3rd grade teacher) wanted my opinion. With her permission, I'm sharing it with my readers. In order to remain somewhat anonymous, I will not put the name of our county in the poem and use *** instead. Everything else it just as it was written. Please leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Tears Came Falling Down From Heaven

It's still winter here
at this peaceful place
As rain fall gently
Like tears falling down from Heaven
Let us remember when.......

It happened one March day
The 17th in the year 1960,
When tears came falling down from Heaven
There was loss a plenty.

Sixty-three souls together
Came to this solemn place,
And tears came falling down from Heaven
Like teardrops down a face.

Where did they come from?
Does anyone know?
The tears who came falling down from Heaven
on this silent field of snow.

Their origins were many,
Their futures were so bright,
These tears falling down from Heaven
It just doesn't seem quite right.

This place was quiet and restful
We couldn't understand
When tears came falling down from Heaven
Quite peaceful was the land

Heavy were the hearts of
the people who came to help
Their tears came falling down from Heaven
Such sorrow that overwhelmed.

For there was no one they could aid
Not a soul was there in sight,
As tears came down from Heaven
No way to help their plight.

All of ******** County came together
With love, support, sympathy, and comfort
When tears came falling down from Heaven
All helped in any way they could.

Those sixty-three innocent souls
Who came to rest at this peaceful place
Those tears that came falling down from Heaven
Our minds will not rease.

Their spirits lift on and on,
Lifting off the clouds of sadness today,
No longer tears falling down from Heaven
They give us hope for each new day.

Here we have a memorial to remember
Each man, woman and child--don't fret,
Now they all dwell in beautiful Heaven
And we will never forget!

by *********** Elementary's 5th Grade Class.