Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I celebrated Christmas with my family and DBF last night.

Here's a picture of DBF and me from last night. It's not a GREAT picture, but it's our first picture together.

Vince and me again

I will post better ones when we get back from his parents next week!

My presents from CVS hounding went over well. My older nieces liked their (FREE!) bags of make-up and Bic Soliel razors. My SIL loved the basket of (nearly FREE!) HBA and cleaning supp;ies. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of them! She, DB2, and their younget 5 kids just moved into a different house so it turned out to be a great gift. DB2 didn't seem too crazy about it, but he never does. DB1 appreciate his basket of supplies though. He's on a fixed income so it will be very helpful to him. I will have to make that a yearly gift and just vary the container that I put it in. Maybe next year it can be in a Rubbermaid tote or something. I've already got two toothpastes to start my new "gift stockpile" My sister got a weather alert radio from me. DBF and I will exchange gifts at his parents' farm on Christmas day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

December Update

I haven't been keeping up with this page or the Grocery Challenge forum like I used to. I've really not been on the Internet much in the past couple weeks. I've done some GREAT deals at CVS since Thanksgiving. I had 60 ECBs when I went to CVS on Thanksgiving. I used 50 and $1.48 OOP and got 67 ECBs in return! I used a handful of coupons and walked out with two bags of things. The next morning I went back for another Schick razor and the TV remotes---- I used some ECBS, $0.56 OOP and got at least 20 ECBS back. I still have nearly 30 to use for the great sale that starts 12/21.

Is it bad that I'm going to delay my family Christmas get-together by a couple hours so I can do a CVS run after church? I'll be with DBF's family on Christmas day, so my family's celebrating on Sunday.

Okay, I have to brag on DBF. Last Sunday, not only did he fix my heater in my car, he also fixed me dinner! Isn't that sweet? He's still buying me Christmas presents too, even though he said he already has 5 or 6 for me. I'm excited about spending Christmas with his family. This will be the first time I'm met his sister and 20 month old niece.

Not much else going on. One more week until school's out for 2 weeks!!