Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I celebrated Christmas with my family and DBF last night.

Here's a picture of DBF and me from last night. It's not a GREAT picture, but it's our first picture together.

Vince and me again

I will post better ones when we get back from his parents next week!

My presents from CVS hounding went over well. My older nieces liked their (FREE!) bags of make-up and Bic Soliel razors. My SIL loved the basket of (nearly FREE!) HBA and cleaning supp;ies. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of them! She, DB2, and their younget 5 kids just moved into a different house so it turned out to be a great gift. DB2 didn't seem too crazy about it, but he never does. DB1 appreciate his basket of supplies though. He's on a fixed income so it will be very helpful to him. I will have to make that a yearly gift and just vary the container that I put it in. Maybe next year it can be in a Rubbermaid tote or something. I've already got two toothpastes to start my new "gift stockpile" My sister got a weather alert radio from me. DBF and I will exchange gifts at his parents' farm on Christmas day.


Pubbler said...

DBF is a cutie :-) Just a quick note to let you know that BBW semi-annual sale starts Dec 27th. I know you like their stuff :-) Merry Xmas.

Shelly said...

Thanks Pubbler! DBF's sister just gave me a $20 gift card to BBW!!