Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

The school where I work a two week long spring break. I thought I would get so much done....and I was WRONG! I've been so lazy!! I have gotten some things accomplished: taxes done, finally got new glasses--it's been 3 1/2 years. Today I'm waiting for the plumber to come back..yesterday didn't get my drains unclogged. Apparently I've got tree roots keeping water from leaving the house effiently. Great...there goes the extra tax refund I was getting back. It's not enough to have to call the plumber---he has to make TWO visits (please God, only two!). I planned on getting my house a good spring cleaning and get three reports done or close to it for work....have I done either? Uhhhh....not really. OK..time to get off here and get something done!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Deals at CVS!

CVS has Pampers this week for $8.97 (reg. $11.99). You get 3 ECBs back AND there's a $2 Q in the March 14th Red Plum coupon insert. There's also a $1.50 (maybe $2) coupon in the February 7th Proctor and Gamble insert. The limit for the Pampers is 3 per card, but you can't get all three in one transaction. After ECBs and coupons it ends up being $3.97 per package! (I think Easy Ups are also part of the deal).

I started out yesterday with 5 ECBs (on DBF's card) and none on mine. I spent a total of $24.70 and 10 ECBs (rolled 5 from 1st deal into 2nd) I have 20.5 ECBs. Not bad for 2 Bayar meters, 3 packages Pampers, 1 Crest ProHealth, 2 pack Stayfree pads, and a gallon of milk.

And NO, buying diapers doesn't mean I have an announcement to make...just preparing a gift for a friend who is expecting. If it was me, I'd be begging for coupons so I could do the deal 3 more times! LOL