Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top 5 Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving...

5. I had my mom in my life for 33 years.
4. I have many loving and caring friends (this includes online friends, too!)
3. I have two jobs when so many people have none.
2. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, died for my sins.

and.......the top thing I'm thankful for this year...........

DRUM ROLL, please!

1. The man pictured below (who know very little about me at the time) had the courage to ask me out four and a half months ago.

I truly believe that he is a gift from God when I needed him the most. I could not ask for a better guy. He'z everything I've been waiting for. He thinks I'm beautiful even on my worst days (I think he needs his eyes checked---LOL) and he always treats me like a princess. Every woman should be so lucky!

So what are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving?


frugalsuz said...

Aww, that's so sweet. He really seems like a wonderful guy and it sounds like you two are a wonderful pair.

I'm thankful for everything I have in my life. Family, friends, my health and my job (even if it drives me crazy sometimes). :)

Amiyrah said...

yay! great post! Hmmm....I think I may have to write a post about how your post inspired my post....or something like that! way to get the wheels in my head turning!

So glad you got the pic of DBF up! I'm super happy for you two. It seems like he will always treat you like the princess that you are :o)

Lisa B. said...

I am so happy for you! We had to make "I'm thankful for" hearts for my son's teacher's bulletin board. Mine was: I'm thankful for my job, home, and family.