Monday, June 1, 2009

Money Saving Challenge Update

I've not done so well with keeping up posting about the ways I've saved money. Oh well, a daily report would be dull and very short. So here's the update since the last time.

1. Saved about $100 by not getting Microsoft Office 2007 after my free trial. Friends at church had 2003 that was good for three computers and had only used it for two. It works well enough for what I need.

2. Still have not had the A/C on!

3. Still mowing my own yard. DBF helped today and even cleaned my gutters so I wouldn't have to pay to have it done. Much to chicken to get up there myself. Trees were starting to grow......looked like a rooftop garden!

4. Using coupons at Walgreens to get free items and RRs to use on things like food that I can't get great deals on. Last Sunday at WAGS, I got 6 Nature VAlley Granola bars, 4 cans salmon, 2 24pks freezer pops, and 3 pks Goody's hair accessories. I used two $10RRs, 1 $5 RR and an OOP of approx. $1.50!

5. I also found a $4-$6 toy for DBF's dog on clearance for $1.74 at WAGS!

6. I was gone all of Memorial weekend, so I had nothing on in the house except fans, a couple clocks and a light when my friend was here taking care of the pets.

7. My friend (Tonya) took great care of the animals for FREE so I could go out of town. Taking the dog, Ginger, to stay at the vet would have costed $8 a night for 4 nights = $32 that I saved. Thanks, Tonya!

8. DBF's mom sent 3 dozen farm fresh eggs home with me! I gave 2 dozen to friends (including Tonya) since I had some still left from Easter.

9. I found that Wal-Mart had a special Head and Shoulders pack with shampoo and conditioner for $5 instead of $5.24 for each. I used 3 $1 Q and got 3 shampoo and 3 condition for only $12.xx---much better than $30 it would have cost! I used 10 Q for free Kitten Chow for the local shelter and got 10% off the $19.98 regular price before Q or discout so it took off some from the H&S.

10. I made $180 from private tutoring in the past 3 weeks.


Anna said...

Great job on conserving electricity and savings overall.
What subject do you tutor.

Best wishes,

Shelly said...

Anna--- Thanks! I've been tutoring two elementary girls in reading.

Cory said...

Hi! Gled to hear you want to play Paw it Forward. I'll need you to send me your address so I can mail the package to you. Our new email address is:

This will be fun!