Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have a Safe Halloween!

Since it's close to Halloween, I thought I'd write about something "Halloweenish"! Please make sure to not only have a safe Halloween for you and your children. Also remeber the pets that may be scared of all the people around. If you have a black cat that is outside, please keep it safe. There are some crazy people out that are cruel to black cats this time of year. Sad, but true.

I found the following on a Facebook link to I think these are much better than a black cat bringing bad luck. After all, I have 3 and I've feel very lucky to have them!

•Scottish lore maintains that a black cat's appearance at your home leads to great wealth.
•In ancient Egypt, black cats were so revered that killing one was deemed a capital offense.
•The Bombay cat - the blackest of the black cats - was developed in Louisville, Kentucky in the late 50s.
•In England, giving a black cat to a bride is thought to bring her good luck.
•To fishermen, black cats ensure a safe journey home

What could be unlucky about this fine looking group of black cats?

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