Sunday, August 3, 2008

God's Plans Are Perfect!

Well, it's been one week tonight since my first date with Vince. I've already posted about our imprompto dinner Monday night. I was passing through his small town (about 20 miles from my town) on Thursday and surprised him with a visit. Then he came to my house for dinner and a tour of my little town last night. Tonight, he invited me to his place for dinner! On Wednesday and Friday, we were on the phone together for 2-3 hours each night. Needless to say, we've hit it off!

I asked him last night when he first noticed me. He said it was one morning when I brought my car in to the closest shop. At the time he was a "floater" going back and forth whereever he was needed. I told him that it must have been in October when I brought my car in to have the radiator replaced. I just vaguely remember him there----mostly I remember hearing the name Vince, not seeing him.

It stills amazes both of us how we ended up dating. There were so many factors that came into play.

1. After a year + of knowing the carburator was bad, I finally decided to fix it.
2. Owners of my regular repair shop divorced and my mechanics went to KY with the ex-husband.
3. New mechanics at my regular shop messed my car up. (Vince told me I should thank them!)LOL
4. My mom got out of the hospital on a Thursday. If she'd still been in the hospital on Friday, I wouldn't have taken the car in until Monday and Vince's last day at that shop was Friday.

When all that finally happens and Vince asked me out, it was almost 3 weeks to the day before Mom died. I feel that God was giving me something to look forward to. I can't imagine how empty my life would be after Mom's death if I hadn't met Vince when I did. I miss my mom every single day, but I know that she's no longer in pain. I got to spend time with her during her last days on Earth. Now, I can spend as much time as I want with Vince without any guilt about leaving her alone or worry about how she is doing.


Jenny said...

Sounds like you two are doing great. Hope it keeps going that way and wishing you best of luck!

Amiyrah said...

wow....God really does have a plan. Glad everything is going well with him!