Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Been A Good Week!

I've had lots of wonderful things happen in the past week.

1. I got a beautiful rose from my DBF on Friday.
2. I've seen DBF on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday! We live about 20 miles from each other so it does take some work to get together....not to mention money for gas.
3. DBF has agreed to go to church with me on Sunday. All my friends at church are dying to meet him. He's Catholic and I'm Baptist so I'm especially glad he's willing to go at least once. He's had some bad experieces with other churches----snake handling and speaking in tongues!
4. I got hired to tutor a second grade student in reading for an hour twice a week. It will mean an extra $40 a week!
5. Today I got a letter and two pictures from my nephew who's in prison. This is the first time he's contacted this (his dad's) side of the family in the year since he's been in prison.


Lisa said...

Sounds like your week was a good one. Keep us posted.

Amiyrah said...

wow shelly! how great! You are definitely someone who deserves a "good" week, month and year :o)

Rachel said...

Yay for the great week! I'm glad that things are looking up and going well.

And, I've just awarded you with a blogging award! You can find it at my blog, and you can now gift it to five bloggers that you admire!