Friday, September 5, 2008

School's Back in Session!

In my town, school started on August 4th. I'm a Pre-K assistant for the third year and I believe this is going to be the hardest year yet. For starters, there are only two assistants instead of three. One quit in May to get a job with benefits and she's not going to be replaced. Secondly, out of the 26 students about 16 of them are new to the class. The kids that were with us last year are not strong role models so they can't show the new kids what to do. And finally, we have three boys and one little girl that are physically agressive. The boys are insubordinate as well. We can tell them to stop doing something and they'll look at us and do it anyway! The three of them together just egg each other on to do more mischief.

We've had to completely redo how we do the "centers". We can't do whole-class activities because the kids get out of control. Art, music, Spanish and PE (all of which we assistants are in charge of) are crazy and out of control because the kids just won't listen. After 3 weeks of school, we are finally able to get half of them to line up quietly.....last year that only took a week!

I think all three boys are going to be referred for behavioral problems. Hopefully, the behavior specialist can give us some strategies to help us. It's going to be a LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG year!


Jenny said...

Oy. Don't know how you have patience to deal with so many kids. Good luck this year!

Shelly said...


Thanks! It takes lots of prayer! Plus, the hugs you get from some of the kiddos makes up for the headaches caused by the other ones.