Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Weekend.....Part 2: The 4-wheeler ride!

Saturday morning I sat in the kitchen (in my PJs no less!) talking with DBF's parents for about 45 minutes before he finally got up. His parents and I just talked about everyday job, their farm, my pets, their animals, etc. I showed them pictures of my pets and my house that were on my camera. There was no awkardness at all. DBF got up after his dog started whining in her crate to go outside. Then we all sat and chatted. Family friends came over to visit and I got to hear stories about DBF hunting as well as just more chatting. Later DBF's aunt and uncle came over, we talked for awhile and DBF suggested that he and I go out on the four-wheeler.

Now I must admit that I've NEVER been on a four-wheeler in my life. DBF has scared me half to death in his Celica so I wasn't sure about riding on the back of his 4 wheeler. DBF knew this and told me that he'd be careful and not go very fast. I felt very uneasy at first because I kept feeling like I was going to fall off and he kept reassuring me that I wouldn't. My feet barely touched the footrests! The first thing we had to do was get down his parents' gravel driveway......I hung onto DBF for dear life! LOL DBF turned and said "now I know you really don't like going on rides"....(I'd told him I don't like roller coasters and rides like that). He kept the speed around 10-12 MPH (I kept peeking over his shoulder). Another scary part were curves....once I thought we were going to go left and we went right, and I thought I was going to fall off because I leaned the wrong way. Then I discovered what's worse than going downhill......going UP hill! I thought I was going to fall off the back! Most of the time, I had my face buried in his back with my arms wrapped so tight around him I nearly lost circulation just praying that I could stay on the ATV.

So he takes me to see an old cemetary on his parents' property and his aunt and uncle's place up the mountain above his folks. Yeah, mountain! It seemed like no matter how high you went, there was always someplace higher. Next, he asks if I'm alright if we go on the paved roads because there's a log cabin he wants to show me. I agreed. Then he tells me that he knows that the ATV will go 60 MPH! I tell him "not with ME on it!". He laughed and said he wouldn't. So we're on the road and there's not much of a shoulder and a embankment of trees to the right. I'm leaning towards oncoming traffic (not much traffic) because I feel like I'm going to fall down the hill of trees. He finally realized that we're too close to the edge. He starts talking to me more so I relax more. The cabin was BEAUTIFUL! Wrap around porch, isolated but not really far from the main road. He said that it was about $200,000 for the land and cabin.....some doctor from out of state owns it. Nearby was a old stone fireplace and an old outhouse. I wish I'd taken my camera, but I was more worried about just getting back in one piece...not getting picture! On the ride back, we talked the whole time so it went quick and I wasn't so nervous. His dad joked later that when we left we were going so slow that he thought we were on a lawnmower! LOL (Little does he know that riding lawn mowers scare me even more than ATVs!)

Next post(s) will be about the horses, dinner w/ the parents and the last day. And if my computer will co-operate a picure of DBF!


Rhonda said...

Oh Shelly, I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you had a great time.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a relaxing fun time. You deserve it Shelly, and I'm happy for you also. I love riding 4 wheelers and site seeing.