Friday, October 3, 2008

My Weekend......Part 3: Horseback Riding and Dinner w/ His Parents

Later that day, after my first 4 wheeler ride, we went down to ride the horses. I've only been on a horse once in my life (that I remember anyway) and that was 30 years ago! First, DBF's mom sprayed them for flies and got them saddled up. I helped get the big horse, Charlie, away because he kept getting in the way when she was spraying Sable. I didn't think twice about it, I just grabbed the bridal and led him away from Sable-----DBF later told me that he was impressed with how I just jumped right in with the horses. DBF amd his mom were the first ones on the horses. I tried to get on Sable, but chickened out. The steps they used to get up on the horse kept wobbling and I was still too short to get my leg up over the saddle! I had barely recovered from the 4 wheeler ride so I wasn't ready for horseback riding right then. DBF rode his dad's big walker, Charlie who barely moves away from his owner. I told them that he wants to be a lap dog! DBF's mom rode Sable, who has a foot or leg ailment similar to arthritis so she can't be ridden very much. DBF and his mom rode for awhile. THen I tried to get on Sable again. DBF had the idea for me to stand on the trailer behind the tractor so I'd be high enough to get my leg over the back of the saddle. That worked I was on the horse! However, I've VERY afraid of heights! And she kept moving! I don't think the stirrups were shortened (or could be shortened enough for my legs. I kept feeling like I was going to fall off. I had already her about DBF's sister having a panic attack a few weeks earlier when she tried to ride Charlie and I didn't want to have my own panic attack so I decided that sitting on Sable was enough for that day. I certainly didn't want them to take pictures of my having a panic attack--like they did her! I had DBF take a picture of my sitting on the horse then he had to help me down. So DBF's dad and I stood by the fence and talked while DBF and his mom rode some more. What did we talk about? To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure....the horses, the farm, just life in general. DBF was impressed by that t0o, that I wasn't nervous spending time with his parents without him right there. I ended up taking about 98 pictures that afternoon of the horse riding, the goats, the neighbors 2 horses and the chickens. I will try to post a pick of DBF riding Charlie if it will load.

Saturday night DBF's parents treated us to dinner out. We had dinner at a great BBQ place about thirty miles from their farm. Poor DBF ate so many ribs that he nearly made himself sick! I had delicious pulled pork. Except for the loud teens at the table behind us, it was a very nice night. Back at the farm, we all sat up until after midnight talking. I found out that DBF and his family used to live next door to my high school math teacher! How weird is that?! What a small world! This was thirty miles away from my hometown, not in this little town of 1,000. DBF and his mom told me about a side of my teacher that I never knew. Apparently her kids were little terrors and she was a frazzled mom!

On Sunday, I went to a big flea market with DBF and his mom. It was fun just walking around with them and looking at what people were selling. I didn't get much just a Coca-Cola tray and a couple pages for my scrapbooking.

By Sunday evening it was time to go, but neither of us were ready to leave. It was so much fun---busy, but relaxing at the same time. I felt so comfortable there, more comfortable than with some of my own family! As we were getting into the car, I hugged both of his parents (I shook their hands when I met them). DBF's dad told me that I was welcome back anytime! Once we left, DBF told me that his dad doesn't say that to many people and that his parents really liked me. I told him that I liked them too.

I've already asked for the Saturday after Christmas off so I can spend Christmas with DBF and his family. My family doesn't do much at Christmas, so we'll probably celebrate the Sunday before. I've already bought DBF's Christmas presents and just ordered two books for his 1 1/2 year old niece's present! I feel like I've already gotten my Christmas present early. :)


frugalsuz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Its great that you are so comfortable with his parents. :)

Lisa B. said...

Ohhhh, I'm so happy for you shelly! Your dbf's parents seem like they are very down to earth people and you had fun. That is weird about your math teacher too.

Lisa B. said...

I tagged you for a MeMe, the details are on my blog.

Leta said...

I'm a month behind reading this, but still...
sounds like you got to learn more about some of God's most wonderful creatures - horses!! I love working with them, and hope you will have the opportunity to get more comfortable around them...sounds like you and his family are already also sounds like you are even smaller than I am. It's pretty hard sometimes to find a saddle with stirrups that will adjust short enough for me, so I totally understand where you are coming from. At least it seems like they put you on the perfect "beginner's" horse. Next time you ride, just point out to them that you need the stirrups a little shorter, please!!
All in all, it sounds like your time with DBF and his family was really nice and fun. And yes, that was weird about them and your teacher...small world!!