Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Weekend at the Farm....

This past weekend, DBF and I went to his parents' farm about an hour or so from Lexington, KY. I had been looking forward to it, but of course I was nervous. This was my first time meeting his family. Once we got there, however, the nervousness went away quickly.

When we arrived, his mom came out to greet us. Then it was feeding time for the animals. DBF and I went down to the pasture with her to get the horses (Charlie, Baby and Sable) to the barn. She showed me how to keep from getting stepped on and asked me if I was okay around horses. I've been around horses just a little, but I had no fear of being around them. She also showed us was had been added to the barn. Next, it was time to feed the goats. They have a lot of baby goats, but I'm not sure how many. It was fun watching them play with one another. After the goats, we went to see the 40 chickens that were just little chicks in July.

After all the animals were fed, it was time for us to eat. DBF always brings Chinese food from the town were his parents used to live. He says they can't find good Chinese food in the small town where they now live. His dad teased me a little about being from Indiana, but DBF had warned me that he would. DBF said if his dad doesn't tease you, then he doesn't like you. We spent the rest of the evening talking.

The next morning, I got up at around 9 am. DBF had not come out of his room yet, but I could hear his parents talking in the kitchen. I went out to join them.......more about his parents, four-wheeling, horse back riding and a picture of the wonderful DBF in my next post!

To be continued......................

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Lisa B. said...

sounds like his parents are down to earth people. thats the kind of people I'm comfortable around.