Friday, February 6, 2009

My Stockpile!

It's not as large or elaborate as some photos I've seen on Hot Coupon World, but it's mine! I've always had an "extra" or a "spare", but I've only started on my stockpile a year ago after joining the Grocery Challenge forum.

Here is my stash of various household cleaning products. There's about 12 small bottles of Dawn, 3 packs of the free toilet bowl scrubbers, plus Pledge and other items. The Arm and Hammer cleaners are on top of the detergent bin.

It's so nice to have a stockpile of Tide! I got each bottle for around $4-$5 at CVS over the past year. Four 50oz bottles may not be much for some, but with only me in the house one bottle will last about 3 months.

Look what I got with the Lysol deal I posted about a couple weeks ago! I now have a total of 30 canisters each containing 35 Lysol disinfecting wipes. Oops, that's not counting the 3 canisters already opened! I use them in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Thanks to lbmoore and ProudMommy for sending me coupons to help with this! I won't have to buy anymore for years. I'll probably donate some to the school I work at also.

See what a .50 Cottonelle + Kroger equals? I have 13 four packs of Cottonelle single rolls pictured. Plus I had just opened a new pack to put in the bathroom. I even gave three or four packages away at Christmas is giftbaskets for my two brothers.

My stockpile is not very organized right now. DBF told me he thinks he'll end up having to build some shelves in my basement to hold it all. Sounds like a plan to me!


Lisa B. said...

I'm so jealous of all that toilet paper. I want a kroger! *pout*

Amiyrah said...

lookin good! :o)

Shelly said...

Lisa-- I completely understand. I want a closer Kroger! I hardly ever went to Kroger (about 3 times a year) before I started dating DBF. It's 26 miles from my house, but only 6 miles from his. Needless to say, on at least one date per month we end up at Kroger!! LOL Luckily for me, he doesn't mind. He gets a kick out of seeing how much money I save!

Amiyrah-- Thanks!

Pubbler said...

that's a lota lysol wipes. I love it! If you're anywhere near Kroger this week, be sure to get some FREE Yo+ yogurt. Got Qs from shortcuts & cellfire. will post details on my blog.

Chicagolandia said...

I adore the pics! Sounds like DBF is a keeper (DH hates to go out hounding with me). Now I'm having Kroger's envy.