Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ginger's Stockpile

Ginger doesn't look too happy in the picture, but she LOVES her Purina One canned food. I love getting it for the best price. In February, I got 20 cans of Purina One for FREE....actually with my 10% Wal-Mart discount I made $2.66!
The dry food (68 pounds!) cost $46.00 instead of $60 due to my discount and two
$4 coupons from Purina. Oh, and look at all those Good Bite treats she has! I got 26 coupons off ebay that made them FREE. The Qs cost about $26, but once again I got my discount so the 26 bags only cost about $16 or 64 cents a bag. She should be set for about six months!


Chicagolandia said...

Ginger looks so serious - like she was the one to do all that amazing hounding!

frugalsuz said...

Aww, Ginger is adorable!!

Shelly said...

Annie--- She does look serious doesn't she? She wasn't too happy because I was making her pose before I'd give her a treat.

Suz-- Thanks!

Anna said...

Hi Shelly,

It's been a very long time since I've visited your blog.
Love the stockpile--congrats!
Your dog looks contented :o) Must be all the good treats--it's a literal feast for the eyes.

Best wishes & God Bless,
Anna (anonymous)

CJ said...

Nice puppy stockpile!! I didn't have anyone to give my free Purina One can coups to so I left some by the cans at my grocery. I hope someone got a few cans free on me :)

slugmama said...

What a cute puppy!
Ginger IS serious....that's because she's guarding her stash!lol
What kind of dog is she?

Nice hounding btw....


Shelly said...

Anna, CJ and slugmama-- Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments!
Ginger's a mix, but the vet said she's at least 3/4 chow.

Together We Save said...

I gave you an award come visit my blog and pick it up.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Ginger should be happy with all that food. That is impressive.
Thanks for coming by my site today, to chat about instant potatoes.