Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God Always Provides

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I had to replace my computer last month. I knew I would be getting another one soon, but just not THAT soon. Well, I told some friends about it in just general conversation. Today a friend surprized me with a financial gift to go towards the computer! It was more than enough. She said that I could use the remainer for anything I needed. I was floored! I thanked her, but told her that she didn't have to do that. She told me that she felt led by the Lord and I should just thank Him.

Considering that I am off two weeks (UNPAID) from school for spring break, this couldn't have came at a better time! Thank GOD!


Chicagolandia said...

I like to think of the random kindness that happen around me as "coupon karma." Everytime I give away an extra coupon, tell someone how to run a deal, or donate from my stockpile, it seems like something fortuitous happens.
I love stories like this!

Sarah said...

YAY! That is a great story!

Amiyrah said...

What a great blessing! And good for you for accepting that blessing from the Lord. Some people have issues with receiving blessings and wonder why life may be hard for them.

The Lord must have something great in store for your friend. How exciting!

Pubbler said...

How wonderful for you to be blessed with such a Great gift.
I agree with Amiyrah - your friend has some major blessings coming her way.

Anna said...

You're absolutely correct -- God always provides, many times in ways we cannot imagine.
Will not belabor the point as Amiyrah said it exactly!

Best wishes & God Bless,