Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yes, I know that Easter is still a few days away, but I won't be near a computer then. DBF and I are visiting his family in Kentucky this weekend. They live near Lexington so it'll be about a four hour drive each way. We'll celebrate his niece's 2nd b-day while we are there. We all (his parents, sister, niece and the two of us)will spend Saturday at the Cincinatti zoo. I was already looking foward to spending the weekend with them, but even more now that I know about the zoo! I haven't been to the zoo since a field trip to the Nashville zoo when I was student teaching in 1998! Expect to see LOTS of pictures next week!!

I am almost finished with my "Integrating Technology" class! It's been very interesting which is good since I just found out that I will have to pay full price ($758!) for it. My dad received a purple heart when he was in the military so I qualified for a remission of fees. However, I would have to be seeking a degree. No thanks, I already have a bachelor's and a Masters. All I want to do is keep my Kentucky Teaching Certification! The crazy thing is, this is the paper I got from the university to tell me I'd have to change to degree-seeking status was the first contact that they've made. They never even sent me a letter telling me that I was enrolled! I had to call the Friday before classes started! Oh well, I hate to spend the money, but THANK GOD I have the money put away already to pay for it. It just means that I won't be able to pay off the $400 or so that I owe on my student loans from 11 years ago.

I've had some good deals at the stores lately. I've gone to Walgreens the past two Sundays. I loved getting the Softsoap for only tax! I got three on Sunday night. Then I gave the last Q to DBF (since he works near WAGS and I live 30 miles away) to get some more. Too bad the stores caught on and stop the multiple Qs from printing. DBF said he tried to get four in different transaction during his lunch and the new Q didn't print. Four for the price of one (I used $1 Q on the first one) isn't bad at all!

This past Sunday, I did the Colgate, Skintimate (again!), and Chapstick deals (couldn't find this on 3/29!). I have $6.50 in RRs. Need to check if there is a WAGS near DBF's parents. I already looked up CVS and found one about 30 minutes away from their farm. We will be driving right by it on our way home Sunday so I can get more FREE Softsoap----I love this stuff!

Another great deal was the Pepsi at Target last week. I had just gotten my Pepsi/Frito Lay Qs the day before. I also found the Gillette shampoo/body wash on sale for $2 (I had $2 Qs!). For 5 12packs of Diet Pepsi and 3 of the bodywash I spend a grand total of $6.12!! Plus I got a $5 giftcard to Target! DBF and I saw this kid (12 or 13) loading a cart down with Mountain Dew. It was a funny sight, but I know that if it had been a Coke sale, I would have bought 2 carts worth of Diet Coke!

I got a $15/75 CRT from CVS this week, but I didn't have the right Q from P&G to make it work. If I had Tide/Swifter Qs and could find my Intuition Qs I might have been able to do it.

Oh, I did make a quick $60 the other day! On January 2nd I had to get a script for strep and of course the stupid computers were on the blink so my insurance wouldn't go through. My insurance is throught Wal-Mart and I was filling the script at Wal-Mart-----how hard is that??? Anyway, I paid full price so I could take my meds and go to bed....all $64.xx of it! I never got anything back from it so I went back the the pharmacy and asked. Remember if you don't ask the answer is always NO! That reminds me, I need to check if CVS will take my insurance so I can get some of those $25 gift cards next time I need meds. Too bad I can't get the furbabies meds there----one of them is always needing something!

Well, that's an update of what's going on. I was going to post pictures of my deals, but I'm just too tired! Have a Happy Easter and Happy Passoever!

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