Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isn't He Precious???

This was my baby boy, Coal, just a week or so after I found him under my car. I can't believe that was 7 1/2 years ago already! I was over at visiting Cory's and Maggie May's pages looking at kitten pictures and had to share Coal's. BTW, Coal started out as "my little lump of coal". I had a time trying to figure out a name so he became Coal. It was either that or Mole (at first I thought he was a mole!).


Lisa B. said...

I remember when you posted this pic before (or maybe one similiar), he was soooooo small.

Dana said...

So precious!!!! They sure grow up fast! Coal is darling!

Maggie May was found under the hood of a car at around 4 weeks old.

Cory said...

Coal is so adorable! I just love seeing him nurse from a bottle!

Chicagolandia said...

That is an amazing picture, he looks so tiny!

Virginia Mom said...

What a little kitten! I can understand why you mistook him for a mole when you saw him under your car! (Incidentally, I grew up out in the county and our cats used to catch moles and leave them by the back door as "love gifts" all the time!) I bet he is a huge cat after all these years!

Shelly said...

Lisa---It's the same picture.

Dana--Thank you, reading about Maggie May (and seeing Cory as a baby) is why I thought people would like to see Coal's picture again.

Cory--Thanks, you were part of the reason to show him.

Chicagolandia----Thank you, he was tiny.

VA Mom-- Exactly, my outdoor cats used to do the same thing! I never thought my feral cat (who just a month before would run when I went outside) would bring me her baby! I thought she just brought another mole.

I'll have to post new pictures of him soon.