Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Been a Busy Month!

Sorry I haven't been on here much the past few months. I've been very busy with teaching during the week and spending time with DBF on the weekends. The biggest news in the past month is that I finally have a new car. Well, not new to some people, but new to me. It's a 1989 Olds Eighty-Eight Royale. It may not sound like much but the previous owner had it since February 1991 and took excellent care of it. It has new paint, interior, tires and a bunch of other new things. The car is in such good condition, it looks like it's 2 instead of 20!

I'm keeping the 1985 Celebrity, but won't be driving it much. It was my dad's last car and the reason I met Vince. The car's showing her age though. The heat works great in town, but at highway speeds it doesn't warm up. Both back rims are bent. I If I lock the doors, I can't get them unlocked. You'll see the pictures showing all the rust and the yucky headliner in a second. That all sounds bad, but what really made me think about getting a different car was that last winter it wouldn't start if the temperture outside was below freezing! That is very inconvenient if you only have one car!


Sarah said...

Yay for new to you cars :)

hitenney said...

Hi Shelly;
I used to have one of these! - but mine was silver. I got it right when it turned 5 years old (I think the people had just finished paying it off), and they had never even changed the oil! It was a great car until the transmission went, which we fixed, but from then on, I kind of resented it, because it had cost over $2K for that darn transmission. Sooooo comfortable! Enjoy!