Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love My CVS!!!

The Nivea bodywash is currently on sale at CVS for $4.88 per bottle. If you buy $15 worth you get $5 ECB. I had heard that the limit was great than the 1 listed in the ad. However, the deal was cumulative meaning you couldn't spend $14 one day and $16 the next and get 10 ECBs.

I had trouble with my deal today. I spent $14.64 on DBF's card Sunday and wanted to try to get at least the 5 ECB. I wasn't paying attention and would have added an item to get $15 if I was. I spent $15.74 today. Of course, I had a feeling that it wouldn't give me 10 ECBs. The manager said she'd call about it. Bless her heart, she dealt with this guy for about 10 minutes trying to explain that it didn't say limit reached etc. When she hung up, she said she'd be fired if she talked to me the was he talked to her. He told her to tell me the ad said limit one and for me to be on my way. This lady knows I'm in there at LEAST twice a week usually. She told the guy that there were people who "search CVS to death on the Internet and know more about CVS than we do". She was so nice to me! She didn't force print the 5 today, but wrote on my receipt to do it next time if it "doesn't catch up" by then. There are so many managers out there that wouldn't have taken the time or trouble!

FWIW...on the trans I did Sunday (and got the 5) my receipt just says $15.00 spent, not the $17.63 I actually spent.

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Sarah said...

Yeah, I bought 8 in one transaction, and only got a $5 EB. My place was not so nice, so I just went with it. I had used the CRT & some EBs to pay with, so the cost to me for all 8 was about $.04. Its ok - they just went in my garage sale for $2 each ;)