Friday, May 2, 2008

$3.04......For All This!

Such a great deal that even Salem, my mom's cat, was impressed!

I used a $1.50 Q for each lint roller, 2 $3/2 Q for the Post-Its, a B1G1 for the bonus packs of Neutra Air (thanks for the Q, Miche!), my $4/$20 and rolled my 5 ECBs into 5 more.

I'm so glad that I found the Grocery Challenge!


Lisa said...

Hubby took me out to eat last night, I wanted to stop at WalGreens since I never get to shop there and they had tp and kitty litter on sale for good prices and then a grocer who he had heard on the radio that had pork butt roast on for .98 a pound. BIG MISTAKE! He is like a kid putting stuff into the cart!

He did do way better than 6 months ago but still!

Katie said...

Nice job Shelly!

JANE4girls said...

nice! what store was this at?

Shelly said...


This was at my new favorite store...CVS!!