Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I wrote earlier about the local garage where I've done business my whole driving life changing owners (the ex-wife got it and all the mechanics are new). I took it down on Monday to get my carburator rebuilt.........and they aren't finished yet. I've called daily since Tuesday to check on it and thought it would be done by yesterday. They had to order a gasket and the wrong one was sent, so that was an extra day. Today I was told that they were still working on it because the idle was too high and some vacuum hoses (I think that was it) were cracked and had to be replaced. AAAAAARRRGGGG! I want them to fix it right, but a week with no car is driving my crazy! I would feel much more at ease if one of my regular mechanics were working, but I don't know this new crew....and they don't know my car. Most of them probably weren't even born in 1985 when the car was new!

When my oldest brother found out they were still working on it, he said that the former owner could have had it done in a day and that these guys were "wannabes". He didn't realize that the former owner's kids are now running it. I told him that his friend's son was also working there. He said "well, he's a half-@$$ mechanic". I replied, "I need a real mechanic, not half of one!"

I'm trying really hard not to be critical of the new mechanics...really I am. I'd just feel better if they had more experience. To make matters worse, my pastor took his truck there about two weeks ago to get some type of sensor replaced. It worked fine for about a week. Last Thursday, he and his wife were going to go shopping about an hour away from here. About 3/4 of the way there, the truck started shimmying badly. They took it to the shop in KY which is owned by the guy who USED to own the shop my car's at (and that's where my regular mechanics are too) because they had had good experiences when he owned the IN shop. Well, apparently when the sensor was replaced two wires were crossed causing one to melt. They paid the shop in KY $60 to fix the new shop's mistake. They were afraid to take it back to the IN shop. I found all this out Monday afternoon AFTER I had already taken my car to the new shop. I hope I don't have to pay "stupid tax" and have my regular mechanics fix anything.

I'm just praying that it's ready tomorrow and everything repaired correctly! From now on I'm going to go the extra 10 miles or so and get my car worked on by my regular mechanics.

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Lisa said...

I feel for you. Constant car repairs are frustrating and then to find out they only half did the job really annoys me to no end.