Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok, I'll Admit it, I Have an Addiction...........

to CVS! I LOVE that place. I wish I'd discovered it years ago instead of just 4 short months ago.

I did a silly wabbit thing today! I went to CVS without my Qs! I'd been so worried about taking my car to the repair shop all day that I forgot to grab the Q organizer this morning. Oh well, I only bought one thing that I had a Q for anyway and that was Mom's ensure (purchased seperately w/ her checkbook). Luckily, I carry all my ECBs in my purse--this time in my cell case, but still in the purse. I was excited to scan my card on the little red machine and got 2 $4 off $20 Qs, $1 off any hand or body lotion and $3 off Revlon! Here's how I did w/ purchases:

4 12pk Diet Coke 4/11
1 smart rinse 3.49
1 oral b double pk toofbrush 6.99
1 cvs bandages 1.99
$23.47 before 7% taxes

used 4/20 and 18.47 ECBs

OOP= $1.07!!! and got 15.47 back in ECBs!

Yikes, that's almost as good as $40 of Revlon + 3 Dawn for $1.66 and 20 in ECBs (I think that was Mother's Day).

I'll have to go back on Friday (payday) to try to do the GM cereal sale. They were about out today anyway.

According to my last reciept from CVS, I've saved (since Feb. when I started shopping there)...........$757.33! That's not counting the $31.63 I saved today.........$788.96 all together. WOW! Because of CVS (and the GC hounds)I know have a big stockpile of things....such as 10 boxes of haircolor, 4 or more deodorants, numerous toothbrushes, bandaids....and about 12 jars of Ragu!

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Jenny said...

That's one very sweet score! Nicely done!