Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is your biggest money wasting pet peeve?

I saw this on the message board and thought it would be a good post for my blog.

In my house it's my elderly mother, me and 9 furbabies! However, my brother and his family are here a lot and lived with us for about 8 months last year.

Here's my list:

Mom---none, she's pretty good about turning things off and not being wasteful....when she does leave something on (her oxygen machine) when she's not using it, I understand why (hard for her to reach).

My nieces (7,8, & 9 yrs. old) change clothes multiple times a day. They toss things in the laundry that aren't dirty. Leave the shower running a stream. Don't turn the TV or lights off in the basement (TV room) when they leave. Use FIVE FEET of toilet paper to wipe lipstick off a 7 yr. old mouth---not to mention how much they use for the other use! Not closing the front door. Having their mom fix them an extra meal for supper and then not eating all of it. Using two cups of milk in a bowl of cereal and then leaving most of the milk!

Brother/SIL--- leaving all the lights and TV/stereo on. Using 2x the amount of laundry soap needed. Fixing the kids plates w/ more food than they will eat. SIL (bc bro doesn't do dishes) using too much dishwashing liquid and the dishes still have to be rewashed (by me!). Brother uses at least 3 feet of TP to blow his nose--once! Using so much milk in the kids' cereal---SIL once told me that I didn't use enough and "they'll break their teeth on it"! What the heck???--it's sugar puffs, not gravel! Opening the windows and leaving them open---I didn't even know that the windows in the basement OPENED!

Me--have to include myself to be fair! Falling asleep w/ TV, computer and light on. Buying fruit and then not eating all of it.

Cats---throwing up on the clean quilt twice in one week! Throwing up in general and 2 of them pooping outside the box if it's not sparkleing clean---that's why I use so much Bounty!

Dog---not eating her food when it has her arthritis medicine in it (especially when the med was $2 a pill). :(


pubbler said...

Shelly, I've noticed its always easiest for people to be wasteful, when they're not paying for things (brother/SIL). We have an 18yr old cat who throws up on the floor & poops on the basement floor as well. We use t/p to clean up the poop, but DH has cut up some old towels to clean everything else. We just keep washing the towels, so its clean for a next use. Saves us lots of P/T.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I have some--however this one is general. I don't like when people at a buffet take way too much food than they can eat. It's a buffet. The food will always be there. So why not just take smaller portions then go back accordingly.
I just think it's just highly wasteful to take a massive plateful of food, and not being able to finish-- it goes to waste--and these people still go back for dessert and repeat the process.
If they were paying by the weight and type of food, they would never be this wasteful.
I think it's sinful to be this wasteful, especially when so many have little or nothing.

Katie & Gene'o said...

My DF leaves the light on in his closet all the time, often it will be on all day. He also is heavy on the gas pedal when he drives and wastes gas.

I am guilty of buying fruits and veggies that don't get eaten, too. I hate when I do that!

My other bad habit is when I am too lazy to plan ahead for lunch and I end up buying something.

Katie said...

Oops, I was logged in under my photography user name. The above comment was by me!