Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Deals This Month!

I love Kroger! I wish there was one by me again like there was when I was little. However, there is one about 6 miles from DBF's so the past couple dates include a trip to Kroger!

On the 18th, I got 44 items for an OOP = $37.52! My receipt says I saved $28.70 with manufacture's coupons, but that includes $15 off from the Mega Deal. Bonus coupons were $5.77. Kroger Plus savings were $24.80 for a total savings of $59.27
Here's what I got:

kroger deal 1/18/09

4 pk of Reduced fat Kraft cheese
2 64oz. Tropicana OJ
8 cans Campbell Chunky soup
16 cans of Purina One can dog food (reg. price for all $23.20!)
3 4pks of Cottonelle
1 25oz. Palmolive
1 kroger English muffins
3 boxes Nature Valley granola bars
2 small boxes Kleenex
3 boxes Quaker oatmeal
1 medium size Downy

I had a coupon for everything except the 16 cans of Purina One and the English muffins.

Then I went back on Friday and saved another 70%!

6 Green Giant Steamers (50 cent Q for each)
2 Kraft cheese (75 cent Q for each)
1 Quaker oatmeal ($1 Q)
11 cans Purina One
5 can Campbell Chunky soup
MFG Q = $15.50 (including $10 Mega deal savings)
Bonus Q = $3.00
Kroger Plus savings = $16.61
Total savings (70%) = $35.11
Total OOP = $15.62 that's cheaper than the regular price for the 11 cans of dog food!

My annual savings at Kroger's is already $98.69!

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