Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

When I went to bed at nearly 4 am Tuesday morning, I knew that I would wake up to snow. However, I wasn't expecting a blizzard like this!

Thank God that no limbs hit my car or my house! It was a close call for the car.

This is my neighbors house just a few minutes before another tree limb fell---into the highway and my phone line! I was outside the night before when the limb fell over the fence.

In these next two pictures, you can see the HUGE limb that fell in her yard! I'm glad nothing hit her house.

This was the view down my street!

Apparently, snow brings out the child in all of us! Here's my 10 year old Chow mix, Ginger. She has arthritis in both front legs---she takes meds for it. But to see her in the snow you'd think she was a three year old without any problems!

I had no home phone/Internet until yesterday. My cell phone only works when I'm outside by the fence-line and I'm still without cable. I have been bored out of my mind! I even re-organized my stockpile and cleaned the house! However, I'm one of the lucky ones. My DBF still has no power, and probably won't have any until Thursday. This is third time in a year that he's lost power for days at a time. My sister didn't have power Wednesday when I talked to her. Thank God, I only lost power for a few hours!

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