Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coupons + CVS = :)

I went to CVS tonight just because I had coupons! Me---with coupons? Imagine that! LOL I had just printed 4 $5 coupons from Nature's Bounty vitamins' "Healthy Rewards" site. I'd found codes on a fellow bloggers site to print the coupons. A $5 coupon cost five hundred points, BUT you can hit the back button and print more for no additional points.

At CVS, I purchased everything you see above for a whopping $1.70!! And I didn't even have to use ECBs to get my total that low. Here's a run down of the deal:

(1) B12 vitamins $8.49
(1) B2 vitamins $8.49
(2) D Vitamins $9.98
(1) Tampax 40ct. $3.49 CLEARANCE
(1) Tampax 20ct. $3.89
(1) Colgate7.6oz $3.99 RAINCHECK
Before discounts and coupon Total = $40.61 w/tax

The vitamins were BOGO, plus I had a $5 Q for each. That alone took $33.48 off my bill. I also had a $1 Q for the Colgate. Then I had a Q for free 20ct. Tampax with the purchase of a 40ct. ($3.89). That made a total of $24.89 just in coupons! I just realized that my subtotal after all of this was NEGATIVE 4 cents! With tax my OOP=$1.70!! AMAZING!!! I'm going back tomorrow! I still have 2 more $5 Q for vitamins. :) I love being able to add more things to my stockpile. BTW...I'm working on more stockpile pictures!

Speaking of picture: CVS has prints for only 9 CENTS each until Saturday!!! This is for the one hour service not the ones that print from the machine. You can upload your pictures at the store or online. At this late date, I'd do it at the promo code: 9cents There's no limit to how many you can print!

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