Friday, July 31, 2009

Life Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!

Remember all those great things I was so thankful for last Friday? Well, this morning I have another.....I got the job!!!!! I'm SO happy! I will start teaching Special Ed at the same school where I went to elementary school. I'm really excited about working in this building. I don't want to put any identifiying info on here, so I won't mention what's so special about the building, but if you have my email and would like to know, just drop me a line. For everybody else, let's just say that there's a lot of history there!

This afternoon I went to a nearby town where they had the Clydesdale horses. They are so beautiful!


Pubbler said...

Congratulations Shelly! I'm so happy for you. I've been praying for you daily. That's one prayer answered :-) God is Good.

Amiyrah said...

that's great! congrats to you :o)

frugalsuz said...

Congratulations, that's wonderful news! I love the pictures of the horses too. They're such beautiful animals.

Brian said...

Great news, we're so happy for you!!!

hitenney said...

Shelly - how wonderful - I'm so glad for you. You really hung in there. I know the kids will be happy to have you for a teacher.
As pubbler said, God is good.

Cory said...

That is so wonderful! Congratulations!!!!