Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

This beautiful girl is Max and Coal's mamacat, Little Girl. At one time she was VERY wild and would not stay on the porch when I went outside. She's still shy, but LOVES attention from me. I think I'm probably the only person who's ever petted her. She loves having her head rubbed. I was able to catch her and have her spayed.....after she brought me the third or fourth kitten in less than two years! But once I got her fixed, she'd bring me her SISTER'S kittens! I guess she approved of how my mom and I took care of Coal and Max. She's now nine or ten years old and spends most of her time in the woods across the street from my house. I think she'd love to be an inside cat....SHE just doesn't know that! She waits for me to come home every day. Nine times out of ten, as soon as I drive in, no matter what time of day...she come out to greet me. She's a real sweetheart!

Take a close look at her side is white and the other side is black. Isn't that neat? I've never seen whiskers half and half before.

This handsome boy above is my boyfriend's cat, Skunk. Yes, you read that right...a cat named Skunk! Apparently when DBF's mom found him at work under a car when he was a kitten, no one wanted to pick him up because they thought he was a skunk. As a kitten, you see, he had a white stripe down his back.

I was visiting over on wishing Elsie happy birthday last night and I noticed something..........doesn't she and Skunk look VERY similar. Maybe I found her long lost brother! Look for's Elsie's picture below:


Chicagolandia said...

Wow - there is an uncanny resemblance between Skunk and Elsie!

The Creek Cats said...

Little Girl is awesome! Love the whiskers, never seen anything like that before!

Wow, Skunk and Elsie could be twins!

Together We Save said...

Sweet kitties.

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Congratulations on the flea treatment! You did another great service for her!!! *purrs*

Brian said...

I love the whiskers...really cool. Howdy Skunk.

The Cat Realm said...

Thank you for visiting, and thank you so much for your condolences concerning Luna. We are so very sorry to hear about you losing Max, to have him since he was 3 weeks old and then lose him when he is only 6 years, a cat in his prime, this is hard. We are glad he didn't suffer for long - and today we are bad Buddhist and wish those damn coyotes would get the cancer! NO - we didn't mean that - we understand the cycle of life - but it is hard.
Lots of purrs for you!
Little Girl and Skunk are both adorable!

The Creek Cats said...

Oh no not the vet!! Sorry to hear about the tail infection. We purr and purray that it heals up real soon!!! Maya has a little bit of the chin acne going on too!